Shipping Policy


When placing your order, please make sure the address you want your item shipped to is up to date. Your item will be sent to the address given when placing the order. You will receive shipping information once your item ships.

If the item can’t be delivered for any reason and the item is returned, the item will be refunded with the exception of the cost of shipping, as long as the item is not damaged. If you would still like your order and the shipping information is corrected, you will be charged a second time (if you were already refunded) and will be charged shipping a second time.

Your item will arrive in a waterproof bubble wrap flat package with a label from Kmoe Design Co. for all items smaller than 13x19. 13x19 products will be shipped in a circular tube. Kmoe Design Co. offers two different options for shipping. Customers can choose between UPS Ground (3-5 business days) and USPS First Class (1-3 business days). Shipping times may vary depending on which delivery service is selected.

Estimated Ship Dates

During the week, items are typically shipped within 24 hours. During the weekend, items are generally shipped the next business day. If there is a change in the estimated shipping dates for any reason, an announcement will be placed on as soon as possible.

We allow 3 business days to design any customized products before shipping them.