6 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small This Christmas

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1. Small Businesses tax dollars stay local. When you buy from a local business, you are supporting your whole community. Small businesses pay taxes that help support your public schools, roads, sidewalks, parks, emergency services, and more (shout out to my husband who is an EMT!).

2. Small businesses create jobs. The more you shop locally the more job opportunities you are potentially providing for your family, friends, and neighbors. They encourage stronger relationships with businesses owners and their employees. This means better wages for employees who are happier, motivated, and more satisfied with their work.

3. Small businesses provide a more personal experience. Forget about the robotic customer service calls. Small businesses are friendlier, more engaging, and more willing to work with you to create the products that you are looking for even if they don't exist yet. They also provide great advice about products and services so that you have the best experience.

4. You can support people you know. People love supporting other people's dreams! I personally love supporting local women who are entrepreneurs! Because I am one. This business helps support my family including my 5-month-old baby. I get to do what I am passionate about and take care of my family.

5. Higher Quality Products. I sell handmade products that I hand letter, print, and ship myself. My customers know what they can come to me for high-quality unique home decor and gifts for their loved ones. They become repeat customers who also give me suggestions for new product ideas!

6. YOU matter more. When you choose to make a purchase, you are voting with your money. It shows that you value and desire to support local community businesses over big box stores. You have the ability to influence the passions and dreams of your friends, family neighbors, community and encourage even more local entrepreneurship.
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Shop SMALL this Christmas with Kmoe Design Co!

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